Hey there! I am Jennifer, Jen to my friends. I’m an “80’s baby where we were encouraged to “do it yourself”, so I am completely self-taught in my art. My mother & grandmother are artists, therefore I dipped in painting & illustrating to find myself. I had fun & learned a lot. I was then inspired by my grandmother, Adabeth, to create paper goods. My journey started with photographic stationery. Years later, I had my son & was inspired to add layers of patterned papers and textured embellishments, which was recognized by the stationery community when I was published in the 2013 Spring issue of Stationery Trends. What an exciting time, especially because that was the issue that was to be seen at the Annual Stationery Show in NYC! What fun it was! Though I still continued in furthering my education in painting & illustrating, doing projects for my home church from decorating events to painting huge murals for VBS. Bible Journaling then became a huge thing, so I ventured into that, teaching & leading women to dive into their bibles, bringing the Word to life. Paper playing was not out of my system & I found a need to have pretty bible tabs…you guessed it, I made my own, selling many to other Christians to personalize their bibles. Now with my little love in kindergarten, I found the need to simplify & hone into my true passion…painting & illustrating.

My beautiful grandmother is at an age where she cannot produce her calendars for the family & her friends. I, again, am inspired by her & wish to continue her legacy. So, I have picked up the task of designing the calendars. With my husband of 15 years, we care for our little love of 5 years, two kitties & a fish named “Fishy”. (Named by little love) A neat social swimmer. I hope you enjoy my work, and if you would like to stop by and see me at my studio, just email me at jenacof@gmail.com so I can be sure not to miss you!

About the Artist